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February 10, 2004

PM Paul goes inquiry crazy.

Today PM Paul will announce an inquiry into the notorious sponsorship program that funnelled federal tax money into various advertising agencies. This after turning the Arar affair over to an inquiry and passing the buck on the same-sex marriage issue to the Supreme Court. All swept under the rug.

Add to this his apparent willingness to let the UN dictate our foreign policy and we've got a pretty good look at the leadership abilities of our new Prime Minister. He lets someone else make the decisions so nothing that can go sour will ever be his fault. Think about it, is there any contentious issue in which he has come out and taken a stand? The Throne speech offered him an opportunity to say something bold, but instead he just gave the standard Canadian version of Mom-and-Apple-Pie platitudes.

An election is coming in which the leading candidate seems to believe in absolutely nothing except retaining power. I wish this was an abnormality, but I think I've heard this song before.

Posted by Bruce Gottfred at February 10, 2004 11:27 AM | TrackBack

He probably thinks he's got the election in the bag, so he's going to coast around until he's been given a real mandate as a elected PM.

Posted by: tz at February 10, 2004 05:13 PM

PM Paul plans to stand like a sumo wrestler for the next election, feet planted wide apart, depending on his mass to prevent anyone from toppling him over. The thing about that pose is that you don't go anywhere.

Posted by: Bruce Gottfred at February 11, 2004 07:50 AM
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