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April 23, 2004

Very cute

Yes they are. I can't seem to find the camera right now so I can't show you how cute they are, but I'll mention a few things they've done in the last few days.

Talia has begun to tell us her name. She taps her chest with two fingers and with a very serious expression says, "Ta-ya!".

Since weaning them, we've replaced the bedtime nursing session with a cuddle, a story, and a cup of warm milk. Talia's favourite story is Goodnight Gorilla, which involves a naughty Gorilla letting all the animals out of the zoo to follow the zookeeper to bed. We must have ran through it at least a hundred times in the past few weeks. In the story, there's a mouse that follows all the animals around while carrying a banana -- which the gorilla eats on the last page. On every page she sticks her finger out and pins the mouse, exclaiming, "'Nana!".

Today Max was sitting on my lap and started to pretend to eat something. He picked up whatever it was between his thumb and forefinger and put it in his mouth. He did this a few times then looked at me with a tight-lipped smile and offered me some. I opened my mouth and he put his fingers in. Yum!

Talia is walking pretty well now. She has a sort of Charlie Chaplin gait. Yesterday Opa was over and had to see her new trick. With everyone making a big fuss over Talia, Max decided he wanted to walk too. He climbed to his feet and threw his arms up and fell forward, big smile on his face. Up again and down again. He was too excited. Finally he calmed down enough to get his balance before he tried to move forward and walked a few steps! Good job, Max!

Yesterday out in the driveway Max decided he wanted to eat some gravel. I used the pinky-hook to take it out of his mouth and throw it away. He crawled to where I threw it and picked up the exact same piece of grey stone, indistiguishable from all the other pieces of grey stone. Hook, throw -- and he sees where it lands and gets it again! He didn't find it the next time.

Max was playing with a ball. Talia crawled over and took it away from him. Max cried. I told Talia to give the ball back to Max, knowing that it would never happen. But to my surprise, she understood me and offered the ball to Max. What a smart girl! I thought. And not just smart but also capable of empathy! She's amazing! And then, while looking at me with an evil grin, she yanked the ball away just as Max was reaching for it. She's normal.

UPDATE: I found the camera. It was outside in the pocket of the stroller. Luckily all the rain we've had in the last few days didn't damage it. Now I can add a couple of pictures to this post.

Here's Talia destroying Mama's crocuses:

And here's Max ready to go on an adventure. He's loaded his cart with gravel to eat on the journey...

Posted by Bruce Gottfred at April 23, 2004 02:41 PM