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April 24, 2004

A gold star for Let It Bleed

Good job!  But don't let it go to your head.After much deliberation, I've decided to award Let It Bleed with the first Gold Star, an infrequently occuring or soon to be discontinued feature at Autonomous Source that gives a cheery 'thumbs up' to what I consider to be underappreciated work. Let It Bleed deserves this because of the stellar job Bob Tarantino has been doing at fisking the daylights out of some of the more addled columnists from the wacky side of the political spectrum that write for the Globe and Star. I assume his work is underappreciated because of the few comments his site gets, but he has been invited to join The Shotgun so perhaps his star is rising.

Fisking is hard work. I've tried my hand at it myself, and found it to be an intensely frustrating experience. The world view of these people is so alien and far removed from reality that (for me) correcting their commentary requires correcting their ingrained pre-assumptions, which requires detailing the real nature of human society. Which is quite a slog.

Bob makes it look easy. He skewers the shrill Heather Mallick, smacks down the Mike Moore wannabe Rick Salutin, and demolishes the oblivious Haroon Siddiqui to the point where not one stone is standing on another. And if Gwynne Dyer sticks his head out of his gopher hole, BAM goes the hammer.

Keep up the good work, Bob. I'm glad someone is countering the nonsense these papers' peddle, even if it's just on a blog.

Posted by Bruce Gottfred at April 24, 2004 11:14 AM | TrackBack

Well, that's nice to wake up to. Thanks, Bruce; glad you're enjoying it. Ultimately, the fisking isn't all that hard: they keep repeating the same lies, so I just have to keep repeating the same facts. Monotonous, yes; difficult, not so far. Heh.

Posted by: Bob Tarantino at April 24, 2004 11:21 AM
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