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May 11, 2004

A day in the life, part III

Posting has been weak to non-existent lately, I know. (But at least I'm posting more often than the missing Andrew Coyne.) These guys of mine take up plenty of time, and what time is free I prefer to spend engaged in combat with other pathetic nerds from around the world. This will eventually change, but for now enjoy the third installment of my 'day in the life' series. Lots of pictures of happy little children to tide you over until I get my priorities straightened out. (Also check out part I and part II.)

5:15 Max lets out a brief cry. He quickly goes back to sleep, but the cats recognise this as the 'time to get up' signal and start purring, kneading and rubbing their heads against us. Thanks, Max.

6:00 Mama gets up to have her shower. Max is making the occasional noise but is mostly quiet. I try to grab a couple more moments of sleep.

6:15 I give in to Max's more frequent squawks and get up. I change Max (fairly large solid poopie), dress him and bring him downstairs. He's in a pretty good mood. He whacked his ear pretty hard last night climbing (and falling from) the coffee table, but it looks a lot better this morning.

6:30 Mama gets Talia up and dresses her while I make my coffee and breakfast for the little eating machines.

6:40 Breakfast for babies -- pap and applesauce and Cheerios and pear and milk. They have a really huge breakfast. I ask Max if his ear is better today and Talia looks at me and grabs her ears. She's much more social during mealtime and listens closely to whatever I say. Max is oblivious to all but the next spoonful of food.

7:10 Mama heads out for work. Time for Teletubbies! They're programmed for this now -- after breakfast they get to go downstairs to watch large, colourful, and vaguely childlike creatures talk baby-talk and hug each other. As soon as they're finished eating, they start getting excited. "Ta-Ta," Max says, "Ta-Ta." They're rigid with expectation as I walk them downstairs. Talia particularly enjoys watching it:

8:40 Enough Tubbie-time, upstairs for some playing on the carpet. I've been helping Max learn to walk, setting him on two feet and urging him forward. He really loves this time, but I can't neglect Talia. She putters around and brings things over to me, and sometimes just bowls me over with a hug. It's fun.

9:25 Time for a nap. Talia gets a change (ooky brown poopie). I get a chance to eat some generic imitation Corn Pops.

9:40 I think about all the things I have to do, and feel guilty about my neglected blog. Only one thing will rid me of these feelings -- I rush to the computer in the basement and join in a pitched battle with combatants from around the world. This time it's on the jungle planet Torlan. Voice communication is a vital part of the game. If you have a microphone connected to your computer you can actually talk to your teammates. After I repair someones hovercraft, I hear a man with a Jamaican accent say, "Cheers, mate." The internet is cool.

10:40 Max starts crying, up and changed again (smaller dark brown goopy poopie). Talia is still sleeping but I get her up.

10:50 It's a pretty nice day so I take them outside. We can either go on the back deck which is easier on me because it's enclosed and I don't have to watch them as carefully, or go out front where they can really get in trouble. We go out front. Max takes some time out from eating the driveway to torment Squeak with a stick.

Talia tries to escape, but I intercept her. There will be no escape from this camp!

11:45 I take them back in and start making lunch. I sit them in their high chairs with some Cheerios to keep them busy during the preparations. I'd taken their shoes off when they came inside, and when I bring the food over I find they've both also taken their socks off and are waving them around. Silly guys! Our lunch music is a selection of surf songs featuring Dick Dale, Los Straitjackets, and The Bomboras. They eat baby pasta with a delicious and nutritious sauce I made in enormous quantities a few days ago, accompanied by bananas, bread and some wonderful Gouda their Oma brought back from Holland. When they feed themselves they still haven't figured out how to get the food in their mouths without inserting their entire hand.

12:30 We enjoy some more play time on the floor. It's going to be nap time soon so I don't take them outside. They have fun knocking down the tower I try to build.

12:40 I notice Talia is stinky. I take her up for a change and find a runny yellow and orange poopy.

12:50 Max is looking cute lying on the floor. I turn around to reach for the camera and this somehow triggers a mini temper tantrum. He's been doing this a bit lately and I'm a bit worried. But I ignore him and let him wear himself out while I play with Talia. He's calm again in a few minutes.

1:10 Sometimes I like to see how much Talia understands. We have a toy birdhouse with four soft little 'birdies' that fit inside. I hold one to her and ask her to find the others. She looks around and starts rummaging through the toys to find them. She finds one and walks over and puts it in the house. So cute.

1:40 Time for another nap. They are fine with this, and I let them climb the stairs to their bedroom. No battles for me this break, I've got a couple of things to do.

2:20 Mama comes home from work. I hand her her martini as she plops into her armchair. "What a day!", she says.

2:40 Max and Talia are up. Max had a poopy, but I can't tell you what kind because Mama was the one that changed him. Use your imagination. They get some rolling on the floor with Mama time as Papa does the dishes. Looking over from behind the counter I noticed there was a major disagreement over who should get to swing the stuffed panda bear around, but Mama managed to defuse the situation.

3:05 Snack time! They have yogourt and bananas and milk. Ummm um!

3:25 Mama takes them for a walk in the stroller. Papa stays home to work a bit on this piece and clean up a bit more.

5:00 Dinner time. Mama feeds them dal with rice and pear for dessert. They eat quickly and business-like. Afterwards, Mama entertains them by tickling their feet.

5:30 More playtime on the floor. I was getting the recycling together when I decided to make a pillow out of one of the recycling bags. This instantly became the best toy ever for Max and Talia. They had so much fun playing with it they even forgot to fight over it. The fun lasted all of ten minutes until Talia took a bite out of it. But we'll always have the memories.

A note from the lawyers:

WARNING: Plastic bags can be dangerous. They should not be used as toys. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep plastic bags away from babies and children.

Later, Talia comes to mooch apple off me when I'm trying to have a snack. Max is busy trying to figure out how to get in the CD drawers.

6:30 It's bathtime. Mama takes Max to the bathroom and gets him undressed. While Mama is doing this I wait with Talia in our bedroom. We play the ka-bomf game, which involves throwing your head back and landing with a ka-bomf on the soft bed. She's much better at it than I am.

Mama or Papa don't get in the tub with them anymore; it's just them and all their toys. But they have fun anyways.

7:10 Bedtime. We quickly flip through Goodnight Gorilla, take a look Snoozers, and spent quite a bit of time looking at a picture book from Unicef, which has a cute alien playing with the children of all of the world (except the United States). They drink their milk and get put in their cribs.

Good night Max!

Good night Talia!

7:20 I make a horrible dinner. It was pasta with a creamy lemon sauce, but I wasn't paying attention as I made it (I was surfing the net -- naughty, naughty) and burnt the garlic and overcooked the pasta. Sorry sweetie.

7:40 We watch a movie as we eat, House of Sand and Fog. I really had a bad reaction to this movie. It's creates a very interesting situation and then destroys it with a manipulative Hollywood ending. It reminded me of In the Bedroom, which did the same thing.

10:30 Finally in bed. I had a hard time sleeping because of that stupid movie. I'm just too sensitive I guess.

Posted by Bruce Gottfred at May 11, 2004 12:56 PM | TrackBack

Thank you. What a nice break to yet another day filled with cheap short-sighted populism and ridiculous government policies. Can you belive I actually got homesick looking at those bare twigs and wet leaves you didn't have time to rake last fall. Sigh. One day. Soon. And the babies, wow, think I even saw Max with Bombachas the other day.

Posted by: andrew barden at May 11, 2004 02:20 PM
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