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August 06, 2004

Someone shut that woman up!

One good thing about the recent election was that Sheila is longer in Parliament and I won't have to be exposed to her stoopid opinions and forced to live under her stoopid policies. But some joker at the National Post, knowing I was a subscriber, arranged to have the latest half-baked, batty thoughts that flitted through her vacant head typed up and delivered to my door once a week. And I'm forced to look, in the same way that you'd take a glance at a gruesome car wreck on the side of the road. Her prose is equally sickening.

This week she gushes on and on about how wonderful big spender André Ouellet really is and how unfair it is that he's being targeted by an auditors report. This from the woman who broke records with her own uncontrolled personal spending. It's a good look into how the top tier of the elite political class justify to themselves the extravagant lifestyle they enjoy. They're 'serving' the country, you see. Sure.

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