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August 08, 2004

Stuff and Things II

  • Wretchard at Belmont Club has written a great summary on the latest developments in the War on Terror and gets a little philosophical about the meaning of it all.
  • Victor Davis Hanson psychoanalyses the Europeans. Maybe a little unfair, but a fun read.
  • David Janes actually goes to see The Manchurean Candidate (unlike me) and gets whiplash from his eyes rolling back:
    The US in the Manchurian Candidate in a perpetual state of fear and military clampdown due to constant terror attacks; Muslims are regularly lynched by mobs US citizens, just like after 9/11. Still with me? You get the idea. Hillary constantly spouts Republican-style rhetoric about security, strength, and foreign folks shouldn't be killing us and other related nonsense, but it's quickly revealed just to be a scam so that Halliburton can make more money.
    Greg Buete at TCS adds more thoughts.
  • Captain Ed gives a detailed update on the Swift Boat Vets vs John Kerry. CNN has studiously ignored this story -- but you can find out what's happening in the blogosphere.
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