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October 22, 2004

A couple of things to deal with

No matter how crazy things get, they can always get crazier. A month ago I thought my kids were exhausting and infuriating and out of control. Well, they were; but now they're even more so.

They're still great fun to be around, of course, but I'd prefer if the doses were a little smaller. When I'm paying attention to them things are great. But if I focus on an interesting blog post for too long or try to engage in some food preparation, I get this:

The apperent size of my belly is an optical illusion.  You see, I had to lean back to take the photo.  I'm actually quite svelte.  Really.

"PapaPapaPapaPapa, upupup!!!"

Or even worse, they'll find something to occupy themselves with. Yesterday Max got in the bathroom and threw a roll of toilet paper in, climbed up on the back of the couch and twiddled the knobs on the stereo at least 72 times, and climbed up on the dining room table, pulled the flowers out of a vase and soaked his shirt trying to drink the water. And Talia did her part too, throwing anything that isn't nailed down down the stairs to the basement. Anything anywhere near the edge of the counter or table and it'll be on the floor and being inspected by my two scientists before you can blink. You may think this sounds funny, but hours (and days) of this is enough to drive anyone crazy.

There are compensations though. Talia has begun singing quite a bit, and is even composing her own songs. Here's one she sang during a car ride a couple of days ago:

Ahhh, Cookie

Ahhh, gookie! (lean head to left) Ahhh, gookie! (lean head to right)
Ahhh, gookie! (lean head to left) Ahhh, gookie! (lean head to right)
Ahhh, gookie! (lean head to left) Ahhh, gookie! (lean head to right)
Ahhh, gookie! (lean head to left) Ahhh, gookie! (lean head to right)

(lyrics copyright Talia Gottfred)

Max has a phrase he now uses when things go wrong -- and for him they go wrong quite frequently. It's "Oh no!" He says it with such an air of dramatic import -- like a dance choreographer when his star twists her ankle. It's hilarious. He drops his cookie: "Oooohhh nooo!"

The other parents I know estimate only another year and a half of this kind of craziness. Hey! Light at the end of the tunnel!

Posted by Bruce Gottfred at October 22, 2004 08:44 AM | TrackBack

Love the picture. I totally relate, man. Caroline (age 19 months) is also a little scientist. And do your kids do this? If I stop Caroline mid-experiment -- for instance, if she wants to eat a vitamin she climbed up on the table to get -- she SCREAMS. I know I'm messing up her plans -- to her, it's as if I walked into Cape Canaveral and shut everything down ten minutes to lift-off. She finds me completely unreasonable.

So age three is the cut-off point, huh? Ugh, I feel like I'm at the one-third marker of the NYC marathon.

Posted by: alexa at October 22, 2004 11:26 AM
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