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November 27, 2004

Havel for Secretary General

There's a movement growing to recruit Vaclav Havel for the position of UN Secretary General when Kofi Annan is finally handed his fat pension and pushed out the door. I can't think of a better person to save the UN from collapsing the way the League of Nations did than him. He has a reputation for honesty and integrity like few others on the international scene and strongly believes in the type of internationalism the UN represents. But he's also is a realist. He's a strong advocate of freedom who understands the importance of standing up to tyranny. He would be the only person that would be able to convince the democratic nations of the world to gradually remove their support for the corrupt status quo they've defended for too long.

It'll be a tough job -- and he might fail -- but someone has to do it. And I just don't think Bill Clinton has it in him.

(Cool banner by the Silicon Valley Redneck)

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds borrows Jaeger's clever headline to write a piece supporting Havel for the WSJ.

Posted by Bruce Gottfred at November 27, 2004 03:06 PM | TrackBack

Wonderful man, wonderful idea. I am full of wonder that this could be pursued in our world. If there were elections for such a position, he would have my vote,

Posted by: Michelle at November 27, 2004 03:23 PM

I heard Mr. Havel speak to Parliament back in 2000, or was it before that?, anyway I remember being hit by his words, their strength and sincerity. I love the way his candidacy is picking up speed in the blogosphere, well done. I hope he accepts your nomination.

Posted by: Andrew at November 27, 2004 05:56 PM

Jeez, and I don't even get an Instalanche out of it.

Posted by: Trudeaupia at November 29, 2004 07:00 PM

Given that Havel left Czech politics mainly because of ill health, I'm not sure that he'd want to take on the UN Gen-Sec job. He'd be a great choice, though.

Posted by: Dr_Funk at December 8, 2004 08:07 PM
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