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December 16, 2004

On the third day of Christmas

...My truelove gave to me:

NRA Varmint Hunter!

Both western "dog" hunting and eastern "hog" hunting are presented in stunning realistic terrain locations, determined by combing the country for the best locations to represent the sport. The animal behavior has been modeled in the most realistic way utilizing the expertise of serious hunters. With the help and close cooperation of the Varmint Hunters Association the game is as realistic as possible and offers a great introduction into this fast growing sport. If you like pulling the trigger often, you will find NRA Varmint Hunting a great introduction to the sport and a terrific training aid to help you in the field.

The game will teach the player how to approach a "dog town" and work that town to achieve stimulating shooting. It will also teach the player stalking techniques needed when the target is a wary groundhog.

For anyone that likes to shoot a lot at both short and long range, pit their shooting skills against one of the most elusive targets in the shooting sports, with a wide assortment of guns and ammo combinations, the NRA Varmint Hunting game is a must have.

Wow. I've never played one of those hunting games before. I've always wondered what they're like. And it'll be a great stress reliever, I'm sure. Thanks, Sweety.

Posted by Bruce Gottfred at December 16, 2004 09:16 AM | TrackBack

Woh, that game some pretty high system requirements for those screenshots.

Posted by: Ian Baxter at December 16, 2004 02:26 PM
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