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December 21, 2004

The depth of the media-terrorist feedback loop

Wretchard at Belmont club asks some questions about how a AP photographer just happened to be in place to capture photos of some Iraqi elections officials being murdered in the street by terrorists.

Even with today's proliferation of compact photographic equipment, a legitimate photojournalist rarely gets the opportunity to capture an execution. Apart from the beheadings which are purposely recorded on video by the jihadis and from gun camera film, most footage of people actually being shot are taken by photographers in company with combatants who are ready to film an ambush. Those individuals are combat cameramen for their armies or embedded reporters.
It would not surprise me in the least if this reporter was tipped off beforehand. The terrorists want to magnify the effects of their carnage, and the media wants a nice bloody story. The only losers in the exchange are the poor men at the wrong end of the gun.

The war in Iraq is a media war. The enemy can't face the US Marines in a straight fight, and can't crack their morale. But they can crack the morale of the American people, and that seems to be their strategy. The modern news media is their weapon, and they're using it with great skill. Or is it using them? It's pretty hard to tell sometimes.

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