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April 21, 2005

'I'm sorry!'

The Wire Brush says he's sorry and it won't happen again. And any money they can be proved to have taken will be given back.

"And only the Judge can determine who's responsible." No, it's not you, the voters. Get that idea out of your head.

"I have too much respect for this place." Laughter all around.

So. Humility. Apologies. Promises. Stalling. And then a weak attempt to appear chummy. And he still looked scared as he delivered it. I really think their goose is cooked.

UPDATE: Most of the opposition responses were pretty good. Except for Layton, 'The government should be giving you more stuff.' Do people really buy this stuff?

I got the feeling that the way we're going to save Federalism is by sacrificing the Liberals. Sounds good to me.

Posted by Bruce Gottfred at April 21, 2005 07:17 PM | TrackBack

I wrote about PM[squared]'s speech and my thoughts on what he said - and how it can be interpreted - and I agree the opposition responses (except for Mr. Layton's) were less wimpy than I'd expected. Since human sacrifice is generally frowned upon, even in Canada, I'm guessing that sacrificing the Liberallians could be accomplished by no one voting Liberal. What are the odds of that happening? Martin asked us to be fair, to give him a chance - and we're all about fairness, aren't we? Like when Svend stole the ring, and the judge said this country doesn't kick people when they're down, right?

I will refrain from making comments about Mr. Layton here. Even. Tho. I'm. Twitching.

Posted by: Essay at April 21, 2005 08:30 PM

I just finished reading the texts of the speeches and, granted I couldn't see the delivery, I have to disagree with your post. From what I read, Martin was sincere, logical and repentant. Harper was terrible: shrill, shrieking, frenzied and a bit too eclectic. You won't find someone with less respect for the Liberal party than me, but based on last night's speeches Martin did come across better than his counterparts. Yuck, I can't belive I said that.

Posted by: Andrew at April 22, 2005 08:09 AM
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