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February 15, 2006

Blogging is a dangerous game

An Ottawa blogger named Mark Bourrie wrote these words about a month ago:


Yet another Warren Kinsella quote today in the National Post, this time about Tory strategy at the end of the campaign.

Kinsella, who hates Paul Martin much more than he loves the Liberal Party, seems delighted in the destruction of Martin's government. He hopes to have his own flagging political career revive when there's a Liberal leadership change.

It's not going to happen. Both Liberals and Tories now know that Kinsella's loyalty is to Kinsella.

And they remember Kinsella was executive assistant to Public Works minister David "I'm entitled to my entitlements" Dingwall. Kinsella was the guy who foisted Chuck Guite on the bureaucracy. He [Bourrie has since changed this word to 'Guite'] was a key actor in the sponsorship kickback scandal. And that scandal is about half the reason Paul Martin is on the skids.

And now this blogger is being sued for $600,000. It seems Bourrie and Kinsella had an antagonistic relationship on the web, and Kinsella saw these words as an opportunity for revenge.

The funny thing is that I was starting to enjoy Kinsella's work, and was looking forward to his new column in the National Post. But now I remember why I used to loathe him. His supposed efforts to 'clear his name' are just dragging it deeper into the mud.

Luckily Bourrie is not giving up without a fight. In fact, he's countersuing for abuse of process. It's pretty clear Kinsella suffered no damages from Bourrie's blog and is just using the law as a weapon to punish a political opponent.

Bourrie is accepting donations for his legal defence. I think I'll toss in a few dollars once I figure out how this Paypal thing works.

UPDATE: The Ottawa Sun has the story. (via Nealnews)

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