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Thursday, January 30, 2003

  Interesting site of the day! A woman has built a huge lego church and displayed it on a web site. It really is a beautiful creation. There are many photos of interior and exterior shots as well as details on its construction. And if you look around you can find some poetry about her cats.
  Some photos from Michelle's baby shower last Saturday, from which we received plenty of much appreciated loot. Unfortunately, the group shot came out kinda blurred, but whaddya gonna do?

Saturday, January 25, 2003

  Marjolein has come over to pick up Michelle to take her to her baby shower, and says there is too few photos of her on the site. So here she is (with Michelle)...

  Michelle is still pregnant! I haven't posted a shot of her for a while , so here's a new one:

32 weeks - Woo-hoo!

Friday, January 24, 2003

  Michelle had her visit at the hospital today. The length of her cervix has not changed. From that, we can hope that the twins will delay their arrival until Febuary.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

  2003 began with visits from some of our most far-flung friends. For the first weekend, we entertained Veronika and Martin from Vienna.

They wanted to relax from their hectic lives, so we cancelled the whirlwind tour of Ottawa's highlights (which wouldn't have taken that long anyway), and simply lit a nice fire, fed them home-cooked food, and chatted. And watched football.

Martin happens to be a big fan of NFL football. I like it pretty well too so we tried to catch most of the Wildcard weekend games. Unfortunately, after witnessing the previous blowouts, we gave up on the 49's when they were 24 points down and went out to dinner instead. And we missed one of the biggest comebacks in NFL history.

Our next guests were Andrew (currently residing in Mexico City) and his girlfriend Jimena from Argentina.

Jimena got the full Ottawa experience, Parliament, the Bytown market, the Lajzerowicz's and Vineyards. I sure she had a truly memorable stay.

Interesting note: Andrew bought the same Christmas present for me that I bought for him:

  Musette to the rescue! Musette saved our lives last night. As it was a very cold night, I'd stoked the fire up before we went to bed. As usual, I'd waited until the fire had been burning well before turning it down and turning in. But it seems that the wood must have been wet, because about an hour later it started burning out of control. The temperature on the flue read 1200 degrees C, which may have caused some danger to our house. And we would not have known about it had not the most sedate of our animals started hesitantly barking late at night. Something was wrong! Knowing that Musette would not bark if the cats were eating her food or if a stranger had walked in the front door told me I'd better get downstairs and see what was the matter.

I turned down the fire and gave her a cookie. Good dog!

Monday, January 20, 2003

  Pictures from our Christmas feast came back recently. For those of you who think Michelle is the chef in our household, perhaps your mind will be changed after viewing these pictures. Rack of lamb with kumquats - before and after.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

  Okay, I'm finally getting around to putting stuff on this site. The most requested content has been photos, so I present a collection of pictures (click on them for full size shots):

Michelle looking expectant!Our three catsPiccolo moves in with MusetteMichelle looking cheerfulI think he looks like me...

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