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Well, it's hard to pin down, really...
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:: Thursday, February 20, 2003 ::

I've altered the photo album over at Future Photo. Some pictures were removed, and nine were added. Just for those readers that may not understand, the reason the photos are there is because Sympatico (my ISP) unreasonably limits the amount of data I can store and how much can be accessed. Future Shop lets me put up 50 megabytes of photos for no charge. All they ask is that they have the option of selling prints to people that might want them. I am not making money off these cute photos of my wonderful children.
:: Bruce 10:45 PM [+] ::
Everything I learned about parenting, I learned from James Lileks. James has written a daily log on the internet since 1997. A few years ago he announced the arrival of his daughter Gnat. Since then I have read many amusing stories as she has grown up. Today's account is typical. Fun story of a trip to the hospital finished off with a discussion of the greater meaning of Mr. T. Read it and make sure you visit regularly.
:: Bruce 10:24 PM [+] ::
Okay, a couple more baby pics. In the first, we see how Max has become part of the family. In the second, Max and Talia check each other out...

:: Bruce 3:30 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 ::

In 1998, Michelle and I visited Epernay in the Champagne region of France. We decided to splurge on two bottles of bubbly from some of the small producers that don't export their brand. One we decided to save for New Years Eve, 1999, and the other was for the birth of our first child. We had assumed that the child would be first, but it didn't turn out that way. But finally we have the chance to open the bottle. We split it with Oma and Opa over a nice French-style dinner. Well worth the wait.

:: Bruce 9:32 PM [+] ::
Michelle says we should probably mention that we are all home and doing wonderfully, rather than linking to ancient rap songs. She probably has a point.
:: Bruce 9:17 AM [+] ::
For the last five days I've had snippets from Rapper's Delight (the long version) by the Sugarhill Gang rattling through my brain. 15 minutes of rhymes to the same beat "goin on n n on an on an ON". Of course the internet has the lyrics written down somewhere. Enjoy!
:: Bruce 9:15 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 ::
I have only a few minutes to update right now. Things have improved a great deal at the hospital. After meeting with the various brick walls already mentioned, we found a nurse to champion our cause and work behind the scenes to get these difficulties worked out. A hospital administrator even came by Michele's room to apologise! Max stayed in our room Sunday night and Talia joined him on Monday. Much less stress and must less silliness.

The big news today is that Michelle and the twins will be released at noon! I'm off to do some errands to get some of the essentials we still need (lots of facecloths!). More pictures will be posted soon. I hope to find a better solution for how to archive all this data on the web, but I haven't had a chance yet.

Got to go...
:: Bruce 10:18 AM [+] ::

:: Sunday, February 16, 2003 ::
I stayed with Michelle in the hospital last night. Long frustrating night. Frustrating not because of our darling babies, but because of the blinkered bureaucratic attitude of some of the nurses at the hospital. The first night we were in the labour and delivery ward, which is staffed by reasonable people. They allowed us to have the babies in our room and have lots of guests. Now we are in the maternity ward. The babies are locked in the nursery. No guests allowed in the nursery. I must scrub and wear a sterile gown to hold a baby. And then change into a different gown to hold the other baby. Feedings must be three hours apart, timed from the start time. Which means if it takes an hour and a half to feed them, we will be awoken in an hour and a half to feed them again. Whether they are interested or not. (And if they're not interested, it takes longer to feed them.) Grr.

Now we've got them discharged from the nursery, but the Maternity ward doesn't want us to keep them in our room because they are technically premature. Hopefully we will get this sorted out today.

Anyways, I took some close-up photos of our little cuties last night. Check them out at the same place as before. I'm off to the hospital now...
:: Bruce 1:44 PM [+] ::

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