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Sunday, April 20, 2003

  Is Saddam Bob?

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

  Two months old as of yesterday. It seems like such a short time, but in some ways it feels like a lifetime. How are they doing? Well, the pediatritian said today that they are doing marvellously. For babies born prematurely, they are developing extremely well. Weight gain, length, and head circumference are moving into the normal ranges for babies of this age (full term babies). Talia demonstrated her new ability of lifting her shoulders off the ground. Max impressed with his powerful cheeks, capable of extracting large quantities of milk in a short amount of time.

They still have many stages of development to go through. We are eagerly awaiting their first real social smiles. They give little practice smiles, but the context is not quite right. Max needs better head control. He head still wobbles around like Don Cherry without his starched collar. But his acne has seriously improved and he is looking much cuter.

Current weights: Talia - 3450g, Max - 4220g.

Sorry for the lack of posts and pictures in the last week, but we have been pretty busy. More pictures will be up soon featuring Cleo's visit (beginning tomorrow!).

Michelle is now calling for a drink as she nurses Max. I'll cut it off here.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

  It started on Sunday. We had taken the twins to Christine's parents to have lunch. Christine, her mother, and her friend Christina all passed the babies amongst themselves and worked themselves into the baby giddiness that never seems to happen to men. Max and Talia played their parts perfectly, gazing lovingly in everyone's faces and barely letting out an angry squawk. They even let us have a leisurely meal (which was excellent)!

But later that day something happened. We don't exactly know how, but after we got our pleasant little children home, they turned into monster vampire babies! All of a sudden, they had to feed, feed, feed! And if they were denied the milk they craved, they cried - loud and without ceasing. As soon as one finished (to catch his or hr breath), the other had to be attached as soon as possible. Max and Talia pushed Michelle's milk production to the limit. This went on into the evening and for all of the night. There were brief periods when they slowed down enough for some sleep to occur, but Michelle had one busy night.

One would expect vampires to slow down during the day, but not these two. Feed! Feed! Feed! More! More! More! We had a brief break in the day when there was an excursion to visit Michelle's doctor, but for the most part they were insatiable.

And into the second night! Another difficult night with the toothless fiends continuously attached to Michelle's body. When would it end? Why was this happening? Why did they both turn into vampires at the same time? Was there some kind of eerie psychic link that caused this?

We dunno. We figure a growth spurt suddenly hit both of them at the same time. Today they finally slowed down their enormous intake. We actually had time today to do things not related to filling one end and cleaning the other.

Latest weights: Max - 4050 g, Talia 3270 g.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

  Typing while trying to calm an upset baby (Talia) - not easy!

Things are going well with our rapidly growing family. Talia has now been taken off the finger and relies solely on the breast. This has made feeding a lot easier, though we still have to make the jump to feeding them simultaneously. They should have the head control necessary for that in a couple of weeks.

Our last weighing happened on Sunday and had Talia at 3020g (6 lbs, 11 oz) and Max at 3590g (7 lbs, 15 oz). They're really growing fast! Max seems so huge now compared to just a few weeks ago, and especially when compared to Talia.

We're getting to the time when we should be able to start seeing differences in our babies. Michelle and I have been discussing this quite a bit in the the last few days, and the only real difference we've come up with is - Talia is so much cuter than Max!

Look at these two pictures and try to disagree! And in the flesh the difference is even more pronounced. Max is fleshy with a double chin, has acne, little hair, and has had a stuffed up nose that causes him to make unpleasant snorting noises. Talia is delicate, and has bright blue eyes on a truly beautiful face topped with lovely brown hair. *sigh*

This is not to say that we love one more than the other of course. But we've given up on the idea of getting Max a modeling contract.

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